More Acupressure Points for Stress Relief

More Acupressure Points for Stress Relief

Acupressure can help relieve stress, tension and anxiety. In the human body, there are several acupressure points for relief of tension and stress-related health problems. Here are six more acupressure points for stress relief.

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How to Do Acupressure

For best results, use your thumb(s) to apply firm and steady pressure to the acupressure spots. If the point is awkward with your thumb, use your forefinger. Everyone is individual, and in some cases your specific stress release point will vary slightly from the acupressure point shown, but it will be in the vicinity. Move your thumb gently around the area until you find your personal acupressure point.

To get the most benefit from acupressure, breathe deeply and regularly while applying pressure to these points. Do not use acupressure if the point is on a vein, mole, wart, bruise, cut or other skin abrasion. If you have an underlying medical condition, consult your health practitioner before using acupressure.

Acupressure Points for Stress and Tension Relief

1. Between the Eyebrows: Worry Spot

This is one of several acupressure points in the forehead/eyebrow area, and is one of the major “worry spots”. Place your thumb directly between your eyebrows. When you frown, it’s the midpoint between the frown lines.

Apply firm pressure, and remember to breathe. This helps release facial, neck and shoulder tension and pain. There’s another “worry spot” just above that point. See Acupressure Points for Stress Relief.

2. In Front of the Ears: Jaw and Facial Tension

If you put your thumbs directly in front of your ears and open and close your mouth, you will feel the movement of the jaw joint, or temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Do NOT press this point directly, due to risk of injury to the joint. Move your thumbs slightly forward about a finger’s width along the base of the cheekbone. You’ll find a slight hollow. Apply firm, gentle pressure on both sides of the face at once, pressing slightly upward against the cheekbone.

3. Temple: Relief from Stress Headache

Find the spot where the top of your ear meet the skull, at the temple. Directly above the cheekbone, there is a small hollow. This acupressure point helps release tension in the temporalis muscle and associated muscle groups, to reduce stress and relieve stress headache.

4. Middle of the Collarbone (Clavicle): Nausea and Upset Stomach

To relieve nausea caused by stress, place your thumb on the curve at the base of your throat, where the collarbones meet. Press firmly and gently downward against the bone. Do not press your thumb into the throat hollow itself. Hold for thirty seconds to two minutes to relieve stress-induced nausea and upset stomach.

5. Slope of the Shoulders: Tension Relief in the Neck, Throat, Shoulders

Run your thumb down the slope of your shoulder. The pressure point is about halfway between neck and shoulder. The major neck muscles, the trapezius and the sternocleidomastoid (SCM) muscle, are strongly affected by stress. The trapezius muscle begins at the base of the head and travels down over the shoulders. Relax your shoulders and apply firm pressure to this point while breathing deeply and steadily. Treat one side of the body, then the other.

6. Below the Collarbone: Tension Relief in the Chest and Shoulders

Run your thumb along the collarbone toward the shoulder. Stop about halfway. Move a finger’s width below the ridge of the collarbone. The pressure point is in the groove between the collarbone and the muscles beneath. Apply firm pressure to relieve chest and shoulder tension. If you do this correctly, you’ll also feel tension release in your back, in the shoulder blade.

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